Thursday, September 26, 2013

From the poem booth where it first appeared... to the world..."The Voices of My Teachers" by our own Lulu Rasor is in the current issue of KidSpirit. Check it out HERE!

More locally, the fifth/sixth grade writing club, a monthly group for anyone who likes to write, went to the school garden to harvest some words. Together, we crafted this tribute to the change in seasons:

Summer leaves us coated in fragile pine needles
the yellow sun beams on the green grass
the grass is growing yellow,
Birds fly toward the sun
The thermometer leaves the seventies
and won’t come back there for a while….

Autumn arrives in leaves prancing and dancing
around the gnarled roots of the maple tree
Dandelions wither and withdraw their flowers in sad farewell
Leaves fall off the vine

As one season becomes another
with the death of sunflowers and the birth of pumpkins
leaves twist and turn, falling from a rainbow of trees
Summer becomes autumn
in a burst of color all around us
The humidity goes south, the frost arrives

Are you ready?

We decided to translate into a visual (thanks Wordle!).

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