Monday, November 25, 2013

Stealing Poetry

The seventh grade has been  exploring the language arts through poetry, in their regular classrooms as well as in 104. Since literature is nothing if not a giant conversation with itself, why not pilfer...just a wee bit. With proper accreditation of course!
Why not visit that inspiring site, Poetry 180, set in motion by Billy Collins when he was U.S. poet laureate, and take just one line from a poem as a starting (or ending, or mid) point for a poem of your own making?
Here's a poem by 7th grader Grady. He borrowed the title from a list of ideas that Pie has going for a book. Cross pollination isn't just for gardens!

Why sword fighting on ice is a bad idea

King Arthur didn’t die valiantly winning a battle He was foolishly dueling his stepbrother
In an “Affair of honor”
On a not so frozen lake

He sank
Still trying to stab his associate dueler With his frozen hands
While they floundered and sank together.

Sir Lancelot didn’t fall heroically attacking a dragon
He decided that he would fight the dragon on a frozen lake So that the dragon would freeze in ice forever Unfortunately for Sir Lancelot,
he was a terrible student in Elementary School,
and never learned that dragons could breath fire
The ice melted and it’s hard to swim in full battle armor

The great Gilgamesh wasn’t killed by the Bull of Heaven He went to retrieve his dropped sword
when it skittered across his frozen pond
Leaving his helmet back on the snow bank

He slipped and rung his bell so hard it never rang again 

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