Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Save the Idioms! A Fifth Grade Production

Fifth graders have been writing and reading (notably, the provocative short story "In Our Hands" by Bruce Coville)...but mostly they have been busy making a movie for their cause: SAVING IDIOMS
Why let such useful figures of speech drop away from common parlance?
What is the difference between the literal and the figurative?
How can all this be conveyed in a short bit of theater?

Find out the answers to these questions and enjoy the production by clicking HERE.
Please also note that meeting once and week and having so many movie makers working on one movie means that there is editing that we will leave undone for now, in favor of moving on to other projects. But, in case you were wondering, too many cooks did NOT spoil the broth.
Enjoy, and here's to idioms. Please use them daily!


  1. Fantastic job creating an entertaining tutorial of some common idioms!

  2. It interests me how those old chestnuts seem like cliches to us, and are cliches, but are often brand new to students. Often, they haven't any acquaintance with these old work horses. This is a history lesson, not just language enrichment. Playing with language is the bee's knees....although that particular idiom is of difficult to establish etymology.....

  3. I just watched this amazing idiom video! I am beside my self with joy and should be slapped on the wrist for waiting so long. I really cracked up over it. Your movie reminded me that idioms are a dime a dozen! Even though you portrayed numerous idioms your list is just a drop in the bucket. I would give an arm and a leg to have a teacher like Ms. Agell (and Mrs. Kellog). So, when you are working on your next production, break a leg!!! Thanks for sharing your hard work, Mrs. McGuire