Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Writing Lives When Others Read It!

This is such a writing rich environment. I feel so fortunate to be in a place where the voices of so many writers instruct our children, and I am here referring to our mostly "choice based" middle school reading program.
It's what I tout, when "outsiders" compliment me on our district's FOURTEEN awards at the recent Scholastic Writing Competition (statewide), including some Gold Keys. If you missed it, please visit the HMS School News.
Writing, of course, is not all about competitions (helpful as they are for jazzing us up, and for - sigh - teaching us about rejection). It's also about writing daily and just plain old reaching an audience.
Sometimes, that audience is international! For example, the current issue of KIDSPIRIT magazine hosts two pieces by HMS students.
Check out the thought-provoking cartoon, Unfiltered Sunlight, by our own Dylan Doyle.
Then skip to the articles on climate change, by authors from Pakistan, New Zealand, India, and far-flung parts of the USA, including Yarmouth Maine (Samson O'Donnell!)
Then sit down and write something. Why not capture thoughts, commit to them, let them boss you around until you gain the upper hand and then shape them into something the world has never before read? (Yes, it's hard.)
Ask your child: what are you writing? Chances are they won't want to share (perfectly normal), but why not ask?

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