Thursday, April 30, 2015

As Seventh Grade Zooms By....

The purpose of the altered book unit was to investigate what a book could suggest beyond the literal. How might it transform itself?
Students explored various themes. You’ll find their works of art on display the last week of April (in our library) and below, in this rather pell-mell slideshow.

Can you match the artist to the work?

Other highlights of 7th grade Communications groups recently include much personal writing and sharing, as an offshoot of the 7th grade unit on short stories,, as well as a foray into chess (inspired by Amy Tan’s masterful short story, The Rules of the Game). Some of us are more strategic than others….(oh why can’t I think more than a move ahead?). We've also explored obfuscation.

Artist's Statements/Altered Book Unit:

Fly away with your books.-Sadie C

Characters in books can be so vivid; it is as if you are standing next to them. In his altered book, “Bad Men.. Even worse Images” O’Donnell has compiled a group of people, whom you would not like to know of, let alone stand next to. O’Donnell’s book includes many of the world’s most vile and catalytic people including Mao Zedong, Stalin and Hitler. This Avant-Garde work will change the face of dictatorian art. A real pleaser.

Writing and racing have something in common, sometimes you get stuck in the ruts. Instead of trying to get out, ride the ruts. It’ll get you going faster. -Elizabeth Ralph

My collaborator and I have transformed our book into a unique scenery. It is meant to represent a garden. Now that I think of it, books and gardens have quite a bit in common. While a garden grows plants, books grow knowledge. Both are filled with beauty and life. Admire the lanterns, swim with the fish. Let your imagination run wild, picture yourself walking through the garden we have created.
  • Emi

When my collaborator and I began this project we designed it to challenge the possibilities of altered books (a slight overstatement).  To more accurately put it, we wanted to create a unique creation.  So we added lanterns, living plants, and a fish pond.  Maybe this demonstrates how a book can let your imagination go wild or simply how words paint such vivid pictures.  Our garden in a book could represent whatever the imagination allows.  And imagination has no boundaries.  Creating this altered book has not been an easy process but it’s certainly been an enjoyable one.  We hope you enjoy our display.
  • Cloe       

(A note on the collaborators' book: it featured three LIVE fish - visible in the documentation - although they were not present for the library display due to concerns for their health.)

This altered book shows how a plot is like a mountain. You are following the trail of the story up to the climax, and then sled easily all the way down the other side. Along the way up you experience obstacles, but you eventually reach your goal point. ~Ella Buchanan

Books always have surprises, twists, and turns.  Who knows what you can discover when you open up a book?  Dragons, mysteries, and adventures await!  Pick up a book now and find out for yourself!

No matter how locked the books are, there is always a way in and out.
-Audrey Welsh

The purpose of my Altered Book, “Not Diary,” is to draw attention to the over-sharing nature of our culture. In this simple albeit glittery  book, I invite people to enter their (unsigned) secrets. Flip through the pages and enjoy finding out some things you might be better off not knowing. If you decide to add your own secret, don’t sign your name. You might even want to disguise your handwriting….Be secretive, right out in the open.

You will also notice a few books from the past, including my own "the nature of music" and the masterful butterfly book of yore. We had fun with this project and hope that others may rescue dump-destined books and make some art.
-Ms. Agell

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  1. Seventh graders, you really got me thinking with your altered books! My imagination is gallivanting about, through memories of favorite books, my own writing ideas and books yet unread. Thank you! - Mrs. Kellogg