Tuesday, September 12, 2017

4th Grade Communications Sets Sail!

My new crop of 4th graders and I met this morning.
We'll meet weekly, on Tuesdays, first thing. Here is a snapshot of what we did today and a bit about what lies ahead. After all, not only the students are new to this, but parents and some teachers are, too!

We always open with calisthenics ... but in this case, for the brain not the body (although we'll occasionally dance the polka, perhaps). These warm-ups are teamwork, although we make sure to make room for solo THINKING before sharing. This morning, for example, we played around with Runny Babbit phrases (you know, that billy sook by Shel Silverstein) as well as with solving some anagrams.

After that, I introduced them to their NQQ notebooks. This stands for Nibbling, Quarreling, and Quantum physics. Just kidding! Notes, Quotes, and Questions. Each week, I ask that each student bring a note or a quote or a question. This can be ANYthing at all, even a favorite word. This sets the table with contributions from our many voices. This is the only "official homework," and, as I explained to the kids, it might take you half an hour a week, or two minutes!

We then watched a short video: Wind and Mr. Ug.
What sort of world is this?
It's life ... on a Möbius Strip!
Next week, we'll create our own Infinity Worlds and story go-rounds.

Which reminds me: we're conducting an ongoing investigation into the nature of time. This should take us a while! Maybe you will have some dinner table conversations?

I had a quote up on the board from Kierkegaard: The moment is not properly an atom of time, but an atom of eternity." As a student exclaimed, "This makes so much sense!"
Quotes from this morning's discussion with kids include:

  • A moment is an atom of now. (Antonio)
  • Time is a rhythm with no beat. (Jay)
  • Time is a song with no melody. (Emma)
How fortunate I am to spend time with such philosophers.

Up ahead lies so much. I think of it as an archipelago of possibility, for I do like to tailor these meetings to what the students seem to be most excited about. We will probably read that classic wordplay book, The Phantom Tollbooth
We'll write, think, and read every week. Sometimes, the work will be related to classroom activities. Much of the time, we'll exist in a separate but related universe.

I hope to blog about us with relative frequency, but please feel free to be in touch if you have questions or comments, ANY time. (I will often email when a new blogpost is up, but feel free to subscribe, esp. if you do not mind viewing what other grades are doing.)

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My author/illustrator site is here. I'm always working on something or other, and am happy to report that Scholastic will release a picture book of mine in 2019.

For now, best wishes for a happy early fall!

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