Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A Dangerous Book

Snapshot from Grade 4 on an Ordinary Tuesday:

We came in to brainstorm how many words we could make from the letters in Thanksgiving and Gratitude....eggs, tides, grit, and kin. And more.

Alexander's NQQ (Notes, Quotes, Questions) question about seeds and trees lead to some deep philosophizing, so this took us to A Crash Course in Philosophy: Love of Wisdom and Questions are our thing, too!

We then explored the Thesaurus.
Yes, it is a DANGEROUS BOOK.
What started as a follow up to having read Melissa Sweet's gorgeous illustrated The Right Word (by Jen Bryant), about Roget and the invention of the thesaurus, veered away from rewriting sentences into genuine astonishment (theirs) at ... what one can find in this book.
YES, "bad" words, too. Merriam Webster put them there.
We had a fine discussion on how WORDS are POWERFUL and must, like magic, be wielded responsibly.
We then had some free choice time.
Some worked on a movie idea that spontaneous erupted. Obi Wan Kenobi (although I tend to think it's Han Solo) lives on our pipes, after all:
The movie is in progress and may debut later!

As often happens, two students played chess. Another read the New York Times "for kids" issue.

I send this into circulation just before our Thanksgiving Break.
I am thankful for so much!

HOLD THE DATE: Bob Gross and I will offer a GT Open House (parents/guardians only) on Thursday January 25th. We'll probably begin at six. Stay tuned for further details. The topic will be The GT Kids Bill of Rights.

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