Thursday, March 22, 2018

Unreliable Narrators!

Spring seems an unreliable narrator indeed. She promises daffodils but, so far, delivers snow.
In various groups, we've been experimenting with POV in writing, as well as unreliable narration.
For example, based on this inspiring picture by Maira Kalman from that updated classic, The Elements of Style (Strunk and White), each of us write from one character's POV about an agreed upon incident. The synchronicity of story can be, and often is, amazing!

In one group, eight writers somehow came up with the SAME murder suspect!
Here's what our whiteboard might look like, on any given day (do not be afraid; we call it a creative roadmap and do allow for messy departures, as needed). On the left you will see our pre-writing diagram of character names from the picture above. Ready, Set, Write! Then SHARE.

On a seasonal note, the teacher teams and the GT instructional support staff are looking ahead to instructional support needs for next year. While students currently in a group often remain in one, schedules and varying needs make it so that instructional support can take many different forms, from differentiation provided by the classroom teacher, in consultation with GT support staff, to independent studies, to the groups. As recommendations are made, we urge parents to help students understand that changes in delivery do not signify that they are not the same smart person they have been all year long!
Happy .... SPRING!

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